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Other font (unlisted)

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Please purchase this if you cannot find the font you would like a license for. These fonts include

  • White Wood
  • Tiny Trees
  • Root Beer
  • Nova Hearts
  • Midnight Cali
  • Marbelous
  • Gypsy Brush
  • Gemini Brush
  • Five foxes
  • Everlong
  • Black Sand

Please note, the complete versions of these fonts are available online in their complete form. Please check that the fonts have all the characters you need before purchasing. As the font files are available online you will not receive a font file.

Once you complete your purchase a confirmation email and an invoice will be emailed to you. This email may go to your spam folder.

The benefits

  • One time licensing cost - licences are perpetual and do not expire
  • As many installations as you want - use this font across multiple teams and designers


     Licence type

    License description
    Try before you buy This license is free of charge and allows you to download and use a demo version of this font to determine whether it will meet your needs
    Standard license Purchase this license if you will be using the font for print or static web usage on one project only.

    A project is defined as a creative process resulting in one end product. Some examples of projects include; A logo, A set of business cards or an advertisement.
    Webfont license Purchase this license if you wish to use the font within your website as a webfont. You are only required to purchase this license if you are using the font file as opposed to a digital graphic that incorporates the font. If you wish to add a graphic to your site such as an advertisement that includes the font then please purchase a standard license.
    Epub/Ebook license Purchase this license if you wish to embed the font into an digital product such as an Emagazine or Ebook.
    App license Purchase this license if you wish to use this font in your app. Only purchase this font if you wish to embed the font file in your app. If you simply with to add a graphic that incorporates a static version of the font then please purchase the standard license.
    Impressions license Purchase this license if you wish to use the font to make one or more end products that will be sold for profit. For example, if the font is used in a magazine, to make art prints or within the branding of an item to be sold then these uses will require an impressions license. One impression is one product (e.g. one physical copy of a magazine or one physical art print), you are limited to 1000 impressions with this license, if you wish to purchase more impressions then you may purchase multiple licenses each with 1000 impressions each.
    Digital ads license Purchase this license to embed fonts into digital ads, such as ads built using HTML5
    Server license Purchase this license if you wish to use websites, web apps, or services to allow a non-licensed user to utilize the font to create a product (for example, personalized t-shirts, PDF receipts, business cards, and pictures with captions)
    YouTube (or other social media) license Purchase this license if you wish to use this font in your videos for YouTube or another social media
    Complete commercial license Purchase this license if you require complete licensed usage of this font across all media; television and film media, print media, above the line and below the line. By purchasing this license your usage rights are unrestricted. Please note that by purchasing this license you do not own the font, you merely possess a license for complete usage rights.